Art Education 2.0

Shift Happens You Tube Video:1.) Think about what you notice.
- Computers will exceed the intelligence of the human race.-1 in 8 couples met online
2.) Think about the implications for our field.
-Responsible for future students knowing how to use technology effectively.
-Training children for jobs that don't exist: the students we are working with won't be dealing with the same issues that we did. They will be solving problems that don't exist yet. Where do you start?
-You can't foresee what the future will hold and require from you.
-Teach students where to go to find information instead of just feeding it straight to them. This way as the material and content changes with time, the students will be able to find what they need to know.

3.) Why are we using these tools?
-Importance in history- leaving a mark
-Balance between studio and advanced material? -Working with materials can teach you how to work with others, different mediums, and physically interact with the project they are creating.
-Flow- to fully grasp what your learning you need to block out distractions.
-Skills of observation /respect /interaction